Hi Optimized People,

I'm Eri Silvanus, founder of Optimize Academy and here are my Credentials

projects I worked on:

  • BCA (Analyzing & selecting best candidate projects), 
  • UBS (Interviewing & job analysist project), 
  • PT. Lino (Creating company’s value guide book project) 
  • Taman Safari Prigen (Facilitating building company’s vision mission culture project), 
  • Artalenta (Developing Company’s foundation and orientation system project), 
  • BRIGHTON Real Estate (Developing company’s foundation, developing in-depth training system, leaders coaching, and some training & speaking projects) 
  • And more

People I helped:

  • Iwan Djinarta (CCD of BRIGHTON Real Estate), 
  • Peeter Lauw (CEO of Master Mat Indonesia), 
  • Robert Kartika Tjandra (Pengusaha Sarang Burung Walet), 
  • Ivan Adrian (Area Sales Manager & Corporate Trainer of Wings Group Surabaya),
  • Joshua Budiman (Creativepreneur, Head of Meta Space at WIR Group), 
  • Gabriella Berliany (Head of Marketing Division of Macan Gold),
  • Victor Ho (Culinary business Lecturer at Ciputra University),
  • Fernando Conan (Public speaker, trainer, and host of Strong Talk program),
  • And more


Sebagai seorang human behavior coach & learning & development consultant, saya mengaplikasikan human behavior science ke 5 topik utama:

Personal Development

Salesmanship & sales leadership

Leadership engagement

Family & Marriage


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